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We take the stress out of planning and executing your custom program. 

We plan unique and immersive experiences all over the globe.  Whether your focus is cultural exchange,

arts, athletics, a specialized field, or just leisure, we guarantee a dynamic and authentic experience.  

Destination Gallery

Note: Cuba-related projects are organized under the appropriate OFAC general license. We assist with any OFAC licensing issues, obtaining the proper visas, if necessary, and navigating any regulatory issues on both the Cuban and U.S. sides.

Select from one of our regular destinations or request a different host country for your program.   

We will expertly design and execute your program from start to finish.


Caribbean Islands


New Zealand



Next Step

Please Schedule an Exploratory Call with a member of our design team to see what we can do for you.  Or, if you would prefer an online consultation, complete the Request a Custom Proposal and someone will respond to your request in short order.  
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