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Diaspora Fundraising

   A Division of Diaspora Travel Experiences   


Diaspora Fundraising is dedicated to helping non-profits, schools, and other organizations meet their fundraising goals with unique and exceptional travel experiences.

No stress on your staff
We handle 100% of the project management from beginning to end, including planning, logistics, development of marketing materials, web page development, reservations, payment collection, travel support, and much more.

Increase membership engagement with quality programming 
People feel good when they support a cause they believe in, and our travelers consistently agree that shared experiences with like-minded travelers is a highlight of their experience. Organization leadership will be able to interact with its members on a personal level, strengthening their connection with the organization. Travelers will look forward to annual fundraising trips.

Raise MONEY for your organization
Our fundraising program can generate tens of thousands of dollars for your organization.


The ideal candidate for this program is a non-profit, special interest, or professional organization with an established membership or constituent base.


Program Design
After consultation, we will design a program that reflects the interests and values of your organization at a wholesale price. There are no upfront costs for program development.

Sales & Marketing
We agree on a mark-up of the wholesale price and work with your team to implement a plan to market and sell your new program to your membership and others.

Enjoy the rich experience laid out for your organization.  We manage 100% of the logistics, and our onsite team attends to travelers needs with 5-star service.

Go to the Bank
Celebrate meeting or exceeding your fundraising goals with your board and membership. Then, begin planning for future travel fundraising programs.​

PROGRAm highlight

In November 2019, Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans traveled to Havana, Cuba for an exclusive study tour in historic preservation. The tour coincided with the 500th anniversary of the founding of the capital city. 

We explored the status of historic preservation in Havana and special connections with the city of New Orleans. Travelers enjoyed official celebrations, a special tour of Old Havana’s historic plazas led by the renowned Dr. Isabel Rigol of the National Center of Conservation, Restoration, and Museology, and much more.  

Our travelers got a chance to visit the newly renovated Rex Theater- Cuba’s first multiplex theater. Built on the iconic San Rafael Boulevard in 1938 and abandoned in 1980, the theater has been transformed into a working museum dedicated to restoring and preserving Havana’s famous neon signs of yesteryear. The center will be Cuba’s premiere institution, leading the neon restoration movement.  


Select from one of our regular destinations or request a different host country for your program.   

We will expertly design and execute your program from start to finish.


New Zealand

Caribbean Islands




Client Reviews

Thank you for an amazing experience.  We were able to fundraise substantially from the trip, bump up our annual membership levels, and deliver a top-quality trip to tour-goers.  Diaspora Travel gave access to Cuba to our constituents, many of whom had dreamed of visiting for years, but not had the ability to do so on their own. We made friends of the PRC for life thanks to this trip.


As an institution, we solidified relationships with architectural experts and professionals in Caribbean studies, which will further our own mission of protecting the architectural heritage of the northernmost Caribbean city- New Orleans. This was an invaluable opportunity.

Danielle Del Sol, Executive Director

Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans

Havana, Cuba (2019)

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