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Enjoy an exciting group program and engage with the people of Cuba. 

Meditation & Cleansing Experience

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We will explore the role of women in Cuban culture. Daily meditation and energy cleansing, followed by cultural experiences will bring us closer to the people of Cuba.  

Havana Jazz Festival

Discover the roots of Afro-Cuban jazz during this amazing annual festival. Go all in with a Full Access Pass and entrance to exclusive engagements.

Africa in Cuba

Journey with us as we delve into the rich African cultural legacy reflected in and celebrated by  contemporary Cuban culture in and around Havana and Matanzas provinces.

Cuban Smokes & Classic Rides

Explore the country, climate, and people that produce the best cigars in the world.  Cultural encounters and samplings are sure to reveal a few  closely held secrets.


Arts in Havana

Meet artists in one of the most vibrant cities in the world, peruse fine art collections, and enjoy the world renowned National Ballet of Cuba.

Cuban Dance Experience 

Be immersed in Cuban popular dance & music.  Enjoy intense dance workshops during the day and dance  all night.  

Africa in Cuba Youth Program

Explore the history, nuances, and everyday influences of Africa in Cuba in this interactive program designed for families.