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The CEP team is working DILIGENTLY on getting you the most affordable Mardi Gras hotel option! 

Mardi Gras is an incredibly fun and busy time of year in New Orleans. Due to the high demand for accommodations during this season, we highly recommend that you explore options such as Airbnb, and VRBO.

We have also created a Facebook Group for "Roommate Matching."

In this Facebook Group, visitors will be matched to locals who have extra rooms, extra mattresses, or even sofa beds for visitors looking for more affordable options. Most locals in this group are members of the New Orleans dance community, and are very easy to work with.

If you would like to join this group, please visit the following link:

Once you have joined the group please create a post containing the following information:

- Your Name

- Where are you coming from?

- What dates? How many nights?

- How many guests need accommodations?

- How many males / females?

- Any special requests? (e.g. need private bathroom)


If you have any additional questions, please message us through Facebook at:

Visitor Accommodations

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